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Women’s Historians and the U.S. National Women’s History Museum

Should women’s historians have a role in creating the U.S. National Women’s History Museum? Yes! The Berkshire Conference of Women Historians enthusiastically supports the creation of a National Women’s History Museum, but recent developments have left us deeply concerned about the role that professional historians of women will be able to play in its planning and implementation. The non-profit National Women’s History Museum recently dissolved its Scholarly Advisory Councils, which comprised about twenty leading U.S. women’s historians who were working Read on…

Berks President Alarmed By the Silencing of Feminist Historian on IWD

The Canadian president of a major international women’s history organization condemns the effort to silence Canada’s leading women’s historian for telling us why it is important to remember International Women’s Day, why women’s rights are human rights that must still be fought for, and, oh yes, why we have the right to criticize our governments for not supporting women’s rights.  And, as Franca Iacovetta says, to think that all this took place on the blog of a human rights museum Read on…